ATPE state office staff members

Who’s who at ATPE

ATPE employs a staff of approximately 65 employees to deliver member services across the state. These individuals work tirelessly to serve individual member needs and further the interests of all Texas educators.

In addition to accounts payable, accounts receivable and invoicing, ATPE Accounting staff members receive phone calls and correspondence from ISDs, members and local units with regard to payroll deduction.
Accounting Director: Renea Ostermiller
Accounts Receivable Supervisor: Javier Ybarra
Revenue Processing Supervisor: Barbara McGrath
Revenue Processing Assistant: Heather Moore
Accounts Payable/General Ledger Assistant: Stephanie Williams
Accounts Receivable Specialist: Kasie Blevins
Accounting Clerk/Backup Receptionist: Carolyn Jenkins
Accounting Clerk: Steve Lockwood
ATPE Administration staff members act as liaisons and support for the ATPE state officers and Board of Directors and other ATPE state office staff members. Members of the department are involved in ATPE staff member management, ATPE facilities issues, liability insurance claims and negotiations, and other special projects concerning members and staff members.
Executive Director: Shannon J. Holmes, Ed.D.
Executive Assistant: Amy Dodd

HR/Operations Director: Amanda Bernstein, SHRM-CP
Payroll/Benefits Specialist: Lisa Gallina
Office Administrator: Kelly Curtis
Receptionist: Mary Rivera

ATPE Governmental Relations staff members support members by advocating for public education at the local, state and national levels. Staff members assist the membership in advancing ATPE positions and philosophies by conducting political involvement and issue-oriented training, candidate surveys, campaign forums, and meetings with candidates and officeholders. The department disseminates information to members about legislative and policy issues through ATPE's advocacy website,, which features political involvement resources, profiles of candidates and officeholders, and the TeachtheVote blog.

Staff members also host ATPE's Political Involvement Training and ATPE at the Capitol event in odd-numbered years and manage the ATPE Political Action Committee (ATPE-PAC).
Governmental Relations Director: Jennifer Mitchell, CAE.
Senior Lobbyist: Monty Exter
Lobbyists: Mark Wiggins and Andrea Chevalier
Political Involvement Coordinator: Edwin Ortiz
Governmental Relations Specialist: Vacant

ATPE Information Technology staff members are responsible for the development and maintenance of this website, the ATPE membership database, the state office computer network and the telephone/voice mail systems.


Information Technology Director: Bret Messer

DBA/Software Developers: Juan Castaneda, Pam Moskwa
System Administrator: Brian Park
Data Analyst: Eddy Williams

ATPE Marketing and Communications staff members are responsible for most communications that are disseminated from the state office, including membership materials and ATPE publications such as ATPE News, the ATPE blog, the Leader Blog and other publications that keep members informed about their profession, both inside and outside of the classroom. They deliver innovative solutions, promotions and advertising campaigns that integrate and coordinate the resources of and all departments at ATPE and oversee outsourced vendors as needed. Staff members are also responsible for the oversight of the ATPE brand and all aspects of the annual marketing plan to drive member engagement and recruitment. They maintain website content and provide ATPE local unit and region leaders with business cards, newsletter mastheads and personalized letterhead for local unit and region use, among other things.
Marketing and Communications Director: Kate Johanns
Associate Editor: Sarah Gray
Senior Designer: John Kilpper
Digital Marketing Specialist: Jennifer Tuten
Media Relations Specialist: Jesus Chavez
Marketing and Communications Specialists: Michael Spurlin and Haley Weis

ATPE Meetings and Conferences is responsible for planning and facilitating all state meetings and events which includes ATPE Board of Directors meetings, standing and special committee meetings, the ATPE Summit and other special events.

Meetings and Conferences Director: Andrea Elizondo, CMP

ATPE Membership staff coordinate the annual membership recruitment and retention drive, answering questions regarding ATPE membership and programs, offering professional learning opportunities, organizing ATPE’s services and discounts programs, providing support to ATPE’s volunteer leaders and administering ATPE’s awards and grants program. The ATPE Regional Representatives bring ATPE's message to districts, colleges and universities around the state and provide support to ATPE's local units and regions in their respective areas.

Membership Director: Joy England
Volunteer Program Coordinator: Anna Belle Burleson
Membership Program Manager: Chris Chodacki
Member Services Assistants: James Callaway, Michael Cowan and Molly English
Membership Field Supervisor: Kelly Greer
Regional Membership Specialist, Regions 1 and 2: Roger Gutierrez
Regional Membership Specialist, Regions 3 and 4: Cynthia Villalovos
Regional Membership Specialist, Regions 5, 6 and 7: Ginger Franks
Regional Membership Specialist, Regions 8 and 10: Joseph Cruz
Regional Membership Specialist, Regions 9 and 11: Diane Pokluda
Regional Membership Specialist, Regions 12, 14 and 15: Mary Jane Waits
Regional Membership Specialist, Regions 13 and 20: Yvette Milner
Regional Membership Specialist, Regions 16, 17, 18 and 19: Jeff Vega

ATPE Public Relations staff members are responsible for the promotion of the association's positions, events and activities to all entities that have a stake in public education and in ATPE. Staff members seek out and capitalize on opportunities to get positive media coverage both locally and at the state level. In addition to state level projects, ATPE Public Relations works with local units and regions to create and maximize existing public and media relations opportunities. Staff members also serve as ATPE spokespeople when dealing with the media.

          Marketing and Communications Director: Kate Johanns
Media Relations Specialist: Jesus Chavez