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First Day of School Checklist

Print out this handy checklist to make sure you’re prepared for your first day in the classroom as a new teacher:
Classroom preparation

▢ Seating chart

▢ Audiovisual equipment

▢ Bulletin boards

Instructional materials

▢ Curriculum guides

▢ Lesson plans and grade book/program

▢ Technology tools

▢ Student textbooks and teacher editions

Management preparations

▢ Name, desk, and bus tags (if applicable)

▢ Attendance forms/program

▢ Campus/district discipline policy

▢ Phone/device policy

▢ Student background information

▢ Letter or email to parents

▢ Information about Class Dojo, Remind, etc. (if applicable)

Planning for instruction

▢ A list of first-day activities

▢ Class rules and procedures

▢ Supplies

▢ Lunch count and meal tickets (if applicable)

▢ Cafeteria and library procedures (if applicable)

▢ Fire drill procedures

▢ Emergency lockdown drill procedures

▢ Arrival and dismissal practices

▢ Instructional materials and classroom management tips for a substitute in case you’re absent