ATPE Staff Spotlight

ATPE is proud to bring you this series of posts from our staff members. Today’s post features Senior Graphic Designer Erica Fos.

What drew you to working at ATPE?

It’s always been important to me to work for a company that serves the betterment of society. In my field, I could easily work in advertising, convincing people that they need to buy a certain product to look better or be cooler. I made a vow to myself that I would use my talents for good. I strongly believe in the values of ATPE, and I’m proud to serve our members so that they can nurture the future generation of our country.

How long have you been working at ATPE? What was your first job here?

I’ve been at ATPE for 11 years now. I started out as a junior graphic designer. Back then, we had three graphic designers. I spent much of my time laying out business cards, letterhead, and personalizing newsletters, but I did get to work on some meatier pieces like ATPE News, the membership campaign, and the identities for Convention and Leader U.

What is the most important thing you have learned while working here?

I’ve learned to embrace change. When I started working here, my job was 95 percent print based. Technology has advanced so much in the past decade. I’ve had to keep up with the many ways our members prefer to take in information.

What is your favorite part of working at ATPE?

The people. I’ve had the honor of working with an incredible team since day one. The leadership at ATPE has a gift of employing incredible people that seem to be in this for all of the right reasons. There is a sense of family in our staff and although there have been some staffing changes in the past decade, the integrity and generosity of our team is unwavering.

Share something fun about yourself that members might not know.

I am a charter member and past president of ATPE Toastmasters. When our executive director, Gary Godsey, came on board, we had an NTO training meeting. The field rep running the meeting asked who would be comfortable speaking at NTOs. Being incredibly shy, I said I was not. Gary pointed at me and said, “If this young lady is afraid of public speaking, we need to start a Toastmasters club.” Three years later, I have served several officer roles in ATPE Toastmasters, received my Competent Communicator and Competent Leader Awards, and served as the staff liaison for the ATPE Public Information Committee. Recently, I joined the AIGA Austin Board of Directors. (AIGA is the professional organization for graphic designers, much like ATPE.) If it weren’t for my time in Toastmasters, I wouldn’t have the courage to take on these leadership roles.

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Kathleen Fleming Posted On: November 10, 2016
Erica, you are a true gem! You've always been such a strong supporter of ATPE's members, staff and mission. Stay the course!

James Stevens Posted On: October 27, 2016
Congrats on a wonderful career. You're just getting started, and already you are turning heads. Keep it up.

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