Why join a professional association?

Membership in a professional educators’ association is an important part of building and protecting your career. Lawsuits and other employment-related issues and disputes happen regularly. It is critical that you protect yourself before it’s too late. 

Why is ATPE the right association to join?

ATPE is the state’s largest professional educators’ association and is leading the way in providing protection, an array of resources and advocacy for you—today and throughout your career. 

Membership in ATPE provides many benefits and resources tailored specifically for college students and teacher trainees, and membership for you is completely FREE.

Compare ATPE with other associations

Each association’s benefits are different. However, no other organization provides broader liability insurance coverage* or more robust resources to support your teaching and career growth.

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Professional development and publications

ATPE knows that teaching can be a challenge. That’s why we provide tools that support you so that you can serve your students and strengthen your career.
  • atpe.org: Our website hosts free online professional development, tips on topics from student discipline to special education, and a student teacher section that features articles on subjects ranging from TExEs prep to your job search.
  • ATPE News: A quarterly magazine full of ideas that can turn classroom challenges into successes.
  • The ATPE Blog: A blog that houses the latest association news and information on useful tools and hot trends in Texas public education.
  • Your First Classroom: The first year of teaching can be a challenging experience, and ATPE's Your First Classroom publication has been a popular resource with new educators. 
  • Bi-Weekly Newsletter: An email newsletter that keeps our members informed about everything that is important to public education in Texas.

Save with ATPE member discounts

Receive discounts on auto insurance and repairs, theme park tickets, hotels, car rentals, prescription drugs, health and lifestyle benefits, shopping through the ATPE Online Mall and more. Take advantage of opportunities to plan for your future with supplemental insurance products and to save on professional real estate services.

See how ATPE members can save more than $1,300 a year on average

Liability insurance and more

If you are student teaching or otherwise interacting with students, you need protection that you can count on. While we hope it never happens to you, educators do get sued, and when the need arises, educators wish they had insurance.

Eligible ATPE teacher trainee category members are covered* by:
  • Up to $8 million in liability insurance, including up to $2 million per occurrence for alleged violations of students’ civil rights, one of the most common reasons parents sue educators.
  • Up to $15,000 per claim for criminal and certification legal costs.
In addition to these insured benefits, ATPE maintains a staff of licensed attorneys who may discuss options for employment-related concerns with eligible members**. This prompt and confidential service is available at no additional cost to members beyond membership dues.

Advocacy for educators and students

ATPE has the same passion for education advocacy that you have for teaching.

Developed by working educators like you, ATPE’s legislative program strives to ensure that each Texas child has access to an exemplary public education. We take your voice to the Capitol, expertly advocating for your priorities and rights at the state and national levels.

ATPE not only serves as a positive voice for public education, but also teaches educators (both current and future) how to be effective education advocates.

We provide our members with:
  • Timely legislative news at atpe.org and through TeachtheVote.org.
  • Political involvement training.
  • Opportunities to meet with decision makers.
  • Information about candidates' and officeholders' positions on education at TeachtheVote.org
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*The Educators Professional Liability Insurance Policy is underwritten by National Union Fire Insurance Co. of Pittsburgh, Pa. All coverage is subject to the express terms of the master insurance policy issued to ATPE and kept on file at the ATPE state office. Coverage applies to the activities of an insured in the course of his/her duties as a student in a teacher education program in an accredited college or university and does not apply to activities that predate the coverage period. View a detailed summary.  Eligibility for ATPE membership benefits is contingent upon ATPE’s receipt of the entire annual membership dues amount for your appropriate membership category. A disruption in payments to an authorized payment plan may result in discontinuation of such benefits, including cancellation of insurance coverage for the entire membership year retroactive to Aug. 1 or your membership date. ATPE reserves the right to determine the appropriate membership category. The ATPE membership year runs from Aug. 1 to July 31.
**The insured member services and staff attorneys’ assistance are offered through separate programs.