Student teaching tips

7 tips to make your student-teaching experience rule

1. Seek advice from experienced teachers
Soak up those bits of wisdom that you just can’t learn from a textbook.

2. Treat everyone with respect
Be kind to every student (not just your own), every parent and every employee in your school’s community.

3. Be prepared
Think ahead for when things might go wrong. Pack an extra lunch for field trips. Bring Kleenex everywhere. And always be ready to deal with vomit.

4. Know that kids notice everything
Don’t take it personally if your students point out that you’ve worn the same shirt twice in one week.

5. Learn to say no (and manage stress)
You don’t have to be on every committee, attend every meeting or plan every event. There will always be future opportunities.

6. Show thanks to your mentor teacher
Run copies, work on bulletin boards and offer to tutor small groups during class time.

7. Enjoy this time!
You have an ever-present mentor and the freedom to make mistakes. Make the most of these opportunities, take notes and have fun along the way.