Texas teacher certification and jobs

Getting a Texas teacher certificate

At the conclusion of all teacher training programs, aspiring educators must pass the Texas Examinations of Educator Standards (TExES). The State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) develops the TExES in close consultation with Texas public school educators and teacher educators. The Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) were an important influence in determining the content of the TExES tests because they define the content that Texas teachers are required to teach.  
Register for the test at texes-ets.org/registration.

TExES exam preparation

SBEC offers free preparation materials based on your exam needs and the specific test you plan to take.
  Each year some tests are redeveloped or new tests are implemented. Be sure to get the most current study materials for the tests you plan to take.  
Some of Texas’ education service centers (ESCs) also offer preparation courses for certain TExES tests or workshops that relate to your content area. Others may have textbooks and other reference materials that you can use.

Steps to become a teacher in Texas

9 months before graduation: Prepare your resume and portfolio. Tip: Include your involvement with ATPE to send the message that you are active in the education community and independently seek professional development.
8 months: Research and compare school districts where you might want to work. Create a “top five” list, but aim to apply to at least 20 districts.
7 months: Register to take the TExES certification exam in the spring. Participate in a mock interview.
6 months: Begin applying to school districts. Note districts’ application deadlines in your planner.
4 months: Add your student teaching work to your portfolio. Tip: Bring your work alive with examples of student work and comments from your mentors and co-workers.
3 months: Make plans to attend job fairs, typically held by region education service centers in the spring and summer.
2 months: Take the TExES certification exam. Check job listings on a weekly basis.
1 month: Send thank-you notes to employers you’ve interviewed with. Continue applying for jobs—more will be posted throughout the summer.
Accept your best offer: Congratulations! Don’t forget to upgrade your ATPE membership from teacher trainee to first-time professional member.