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YES Texas! Advisory Council

In an effort to establish the needs of future, young, and new educators and deliver products that meet those needs, the YES Texas! Advisory Council was formed. The council meets virtually monthly to discuss needs, ideas, and potential new programs. In addition to the virtual meetings, the council will meet in person in January 2018 to share ideas on how to provide the best chance for young educators to succeed in their profession.

Job Resources

Visit the Job Search Resources page to find open positions in schools across the state of Texas.

Your First Classroom 

The first year of teaching can be a challenging experience, and ATPE's Your First Classroom publication has been a popular resource with new educators. 

Download and print your copy of ATPE's Your First Classroom here.

Student Loan Forgiveness Resources

Educators with certain types of student loans may qualify for partial loan forgiveness, deferment or cancellation benefits. Click on the links provided below to find eligibility requirements and more information.

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