Member Legal Services Intake System (MLSIS)

If you have an employment-related question or issue, please browse the information provided under the Protection section of this website. If you are unable to locate the answer to your question, ATPE members may use the MLSIS.

This service is for ATPE members only. Eligible ATPE members* may submit their employment-related legal questions or requests for assistance to the ATPE Member Legal Services (MLS) Department using this system. For information regarding restrictions or limitations on legal services or insured benefits, please read ATPE's insurance policy.

This system is designed to facilitate prompt and confidential communication with MLS. Submitting an inquiry to MLS using this system does not create an attorney-client relationship.

If you are currently accessing MLSIS using district resources, such as your school district's computer and/or Internet access, please be sure that you are using these resources in compliance with your district's policy. If you decide to contact ATPE using your school district's computer and/or Internet access, it will be presumed that you are aware of your district's Internet Usage Policy and that you understand and accept that any attorney-client privilege that might exist could be waived by using district resources.

Please note: The MLSIS form asks you to provide the information we need to respond to you. Failure to provide a good, detailed description of your situation will only delay our ability to respond effectively. Also, if you wish to speak to an attorney by phone, please contact MLS when it is convenient for you to talk by calling (800) 777-ATPE between the hours of 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Our experience has been that submitting an online form requesting a call only delays service to our members as they often cannot plan in advance when they will be able to speak to us.

*Pursuant to the terms of the EPLI policy, benefits are available to insured members for activities that begin during their policy period. Activities that occurred prior to the effective policy period would not be eligible for benefits. View the insurance policy details here.

I have read the information above and agree to the terms.


We endeavor to reply within two business days, but please be aware that failure to provide required information or technical issues may delay our reply.​