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Spring 2019 | Volume 39 | Issue 3

Say It with a Bitmoji

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when it comes to students. Using an image can help draw attention to your concept in a fun, easy-to-digest way.

Bitmoji, a free app available for both Android and Apple platforms, helps you create personalized emojis so that you can communicate with your students in new ways. Although there are hundreds of apps available that can create emojis and avatars of the user, Bitmoji has a number of features that can easily be integrated across platforms.
Top 3 Ways to Use Bitmoji in the Classroom

1. Feedback

You can use Bitmojis in printed or online assignments as a fun and accessible way to provide feedback. Depending on your district’s student-teacher communication policies, you could also include Bitmojis on homework reminders and online student forums.

Idea: Print Bitmojis onto sticker paper and use them on paper assignments, or use digital stickers for online assignments.
2. Instruction

Use Bitmojis to help quickly convey a tone in your assignments and instructions. Are you working in a Google district, or do you use Chrome as your web browser? Bitmoji has a Chrome extension that allows users to easily incorporate it into their own documents. This extension allows the user to either copy and paste the Bitmoji into a document or do a right click and save to the desktop. 

Idea: At the beginning of the year, I created an orientation Google Slide presentation for the library. Each slide included information, along with a Bitmoji showing the action. You can also print Bitmojis and use them to create posters for your classroom that engage your students and help get your point across in a fun way.
3. App Smashing

Bitmoji allows the user to have a starting point with their own emoji. It is easy to then put the Bitmoji into other programs to create informational texts, quick quotes, and other items by app smashing (using multiple apps to create a project) with a website or app.

Idea: Canva is another free website that I use often. It allows me to create presentations and social media pieces that I can then share on my website, Twitter, or other social media platforms. When creating my Canva, I upload a Bitmoji into the program and add it to the item that I am creating. There are also several photo editing apps that I can download my Bitmoji into and then quickly create a post to share.

I use Bitmojis inside and outside of school. The app can easily be integrated with Snapchat, too! Most of the Bitmojis are student friendly, but there are some that would not be appropriate for school. When using this app (or any other app), always be sure to pay attention to the terms of service.

One other feature I like is that the app is always adding new clothes, items, and features. My personal Bitmoji changes outfits with the seasons! I’ve found Bitmoji to be a great way to connect with students, and it easily integrates into my classroom.  
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