Voting Now Open for TRS Trustee Election

Voting in the TRS Board of Trustees election for the Public School District Employee position is now underway. Voting closes May 5. Here’s what you need to know: 

  • Your vote is critical in this election. The TRS board is responsible for the general administration and operation of TRS—i.e., your pension and likely your health insurance! The board’s composition is complicated. Three of the board’s nine members are directly appointed by the governor. Two are appointed by the governor from a list prepared by the State Board of Education. The remaining four positions—two public school district, one retired, and one at-large—are filled by the governor with nominees elected by each respective group of constituents. In other words, this is one of your only chances to have a voice in who serves on the TRS board.
  • Voting began March 15, 2021, and ends May 5, 2021.
  • An eligible member for this election is a current employee of a public school district, charter school, or regional education service center.
  • TRS is offering two ways for an eligible member to vote: hard copy ballots or electronically.
  • Hard copy ballots have already been mailed out to eligible members. To vote electronically, click here.
  • The election will determine the top three candidates, who will then be presented to the governor to fill the position. (The term begins as early as September 1, 2021, and ends August 31, 2027.)

Voting is easy and only take a few minutes. Fill out your ballot today! 

To view full details, an election timeline, and additional resources, visit

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