Thank-You to Our 2020 ATPE Political Action Committee Honorees

TPE sincerely thanks the ATPE Political Action Committee (ATPE-PAC) honorees recognized at the ATPE Summit for their generous donations made between August 1, 2018, and July 31, 2019. 

Your ATPE-PAC donations help make campaign contributions to pro-public education candidates in Texas. Given the uncertainty caused by COVID-19 and a crucial legislative session beginning next year, it is more important than ever to have the financial resources to support candidates and officeholders who will fight for your profession. 

Thank you for all you do to help ATPE fight for public schools, students, and your profession! 

Stephen F. Austin ATPE-PAC Honorees
The members below have contributed the following cumulative amounts to ATPE-PAC since July 1997. 

$10,000 – PAC Hall of Fame
Twila Figueroa, Ginger Franks*, Richard Wiggins
*This year’s newest inductee. 

Gayle Sampley 

Jayne Serna, Ron Walcik 

Julleen Bottoms, Sherry Boyd, Hector Cruz, Suellen Ener, Alice Erdelt, Ron Fitzwater, Tonja Gray, Karen Hames, Margie Hastings, Benjamin Lozano, Bobbye Patton 

Elizabeth Abrahams, Brenda Bryan, Evelyn Hardaman, Malinda Holzapfel, Nichie Hoskins, Carolyn Huebel, Linda James, Janie Leath, Katy Matthews, Teresa Millard, Betty Plunkett, Eli Rodriguez, Michael Sweet, Norma Vega, Cyndy Veselka, Kelley Walker 

Heriberto Ibarra Abrego, Donnetta Allen, Christopher Adams, Laura Campbell, Ygnacia Capetillo, Sarah Czar, OnaBeth Day, Kimberly Dolese, John Donihoo, Kim Farlow, Christina Flores, Brenda Fuller , Wanda Giles, Sharon Ginn, Jennifer Grady, Eunice Green, Darius Hatchett, Marcella Helmke, Jennifer Hill, Shannon Holmes, Kat Koch, Heidi Langan, John Magness, Judy Malloy, Liz McDaniel, Theresa Moczygemba, Nathan Moye, Deborah Mullins, Russell Mullins, Deborah Petrosky, Joan Phillips, Deborah Pleasant, Larry Rojas, Elizabeth Sunderland, Stacey Ward, Audree Wood, Deborah Wright 

Davy Crockett Fundraising Challenge
This challenge was established to recognize the regions and local units that raise the most money per member for ATPE-PAC. 

Region, 10,001+ members
Region 10 

Region, 10,000 or fewer members
Region 20 

Local unit, 1–200 members
Woden ATPE 

Local unit, 201–500 members
McAllen ATPE 

Local unit, 501+ members
Northside (20) ATPE 

ATPE-PAC Statesman Award
The ATPE-PAC Statesman Award honors ATPE members who have donated $20 or more to ATPE-PAC for 12 consecutive months. 

Elizabeth Abrahams, Charlotte Anthony, Betty Berndt, Brenda Bryan, David de la Garza, Sharon Dixon, Twila Figueroa, Ron Fitzwater, Tonja Gray, Margie Hastings, Darlene Kelly, Dale Lovett, Chris Moralez, Deborah Mullins, Russell Mullins, Lynn Nutt, Deborah Pleasant, Steve Pokluda, Michael Renteria, Dawn Riley, Eli Rodriguez, Jayne Serna, Wendy Smith, Sam Spurlock, Judi Thomas, Cyndy Veselka, Ron Walcik 

William B. Travis ATPE-PAC Honorees
William B. Travis Honorees are members who donated $150 or more to ATPE-PAC between August 1, 2018, and July 31, 2019. 

Elizabeth Abrahams, Christopher Adams, Michelle Adams, Donnetta Allen, Susan Ambrus, Wanda Bailey, William Barton, Rebecca Barton, Betty Berndt, Neva Bottoms, Sherry Boyd, Brenda Bryan, Alyssa Cannon, Ygnacia Capetillo, Francisca Cardenas, Dana Carroll, Trasa Cobern, Mary Crisp, Hector Cruz, Sarah Czar, Carol Davies, OnaBeth Day, David de la Garza, Stacey Dieterich, Kimberly Dolese, John Donihoo, Joanna Duran, Suellen Ener, Alice Erdelt, Jose Fang, Madonna Felan, Angelyna Fernandez, Twila Figueroa, Ron Fitzwater, Christina Flores, Janelle Flores, Jason Forbis, Julie Fore, John Fore, Emily Fortune, Ginger Franks, Bernard Franks, Brenda Fuller, Stacy Gallier, Carl Garner, Katherine Geisler, Cesarea Germain, Donna Gibbon, Patti Gibbs, Sharon Ginn, Jennifer Grady, Tonja Gray, Eunice Green, Leah Greer, Bill Griffin, Jesse Guerrero, Karen Hames, Evelyn Hardaman, Margie Hastings, Darius Hatchett, Cynthyna Haveman, Tommie Hicks, Byron Hildebrand, Shannon Holmes, Malinda Holzapfel, Nicholi Hoskins, Stephanie Hudson, MaElena Ingram, Phyllis Jarzombek, Monica Jimenez, Stefani Johnson, Rebecca Keels, Darlene Kelly, Joshua Kendrick, Connie Kilday, Rebecca Lanham, Beverly Leath, Deann Lee, Jimmy Lee, Jerrica Liggins, Bridget Loffler, Glenda Loftin, Dale Lovett, Margaret Lovett, Elias Lozano, Meredith Malloy, Judy Malloy, Katy Matthews, Alejandro Medrano, Antonio Mercado, Teresa Millard, Yvette Milner, Donald Milner, Theresa Moczygemba, Rodolfo Monsevalles, Ashley Montoya, William Monty, Roger Moralez, Shlonda Morgan, Michelle Morlock, Traci Morrison, Danielle Muesse-Caples, Debbie Mullins, Russell Mullins, Laura Musgrove, Teri Nail, Sharon Nix, Daisy Palomo, Bobbye Patton, Dominic Perez, Deborah Petrosky, Joan Phillips, Deborah Pleasant, Betty Plunkett, Steve Pokluda, Darla Purcell, Abigail Ramford, Rebecca Reeves, Michael Renteria, Desirie Ries, Dawn Riley, Brooke Roberts, Cristela Rocha, Eliseo Rodriguez, Judith Rodriguez, Larry Rojas, Eugenia Rolfe, Barbara Ruiz, Delia Salcido, Gayle Sampley, Danielle Sanders, Gary Schepf, Jayne Serna, Meliss Serpas, Christy Shelley, Kristin Shelton, Eduardo Sierra, Gloria Silva, Bess Simple, Maria Slette, Shelia Slider, Wendy Smith, Christie Smith, Rhonda Smith, Samuel Spurlock, Becky Spurlock, Patricia Startz, Stephanie Stoebe, Elizabeth Sunderland, Michael Sweet, Jane Sykes, Judi Thomas, Maria Ines Trevino, Norma Vega, Cynthia Veselka, Greg Vidal, Ron Walcik, Melissa Walcik, Eileen Walcik, Kelley Walker, Sarah Walters, Leslie Ward, Stacey Ward, Virginia Welch, Katherine Whitbeck, Jettie Whitlock, Shane Whitten, Richard Wiggins, Kathy Wiggins, David Williams, Stephanie Willis, Susan Wilson, Kathie Wilson, Belinda Wolf, Lori Wolf, Audree Wood, Sylvia Zamora, Robert Zamora


ATPE-PAC is one of your most effective advocacy tools. Through the PAC, you are able to pool your financial resources to support candidates and officeholders who care as much about your students as you do. Donate as little as $5 to ATPE-PAC today to help us influence the 2020 elections and shape the outlook for the next Texas legislative session that kicks off January 12, 2021! 

ATPE-PAC solicits contributions only from ATPE members, employees, and their families. Participation in ATPE-PAC is voluntary. Members can contribute any amount or nothing at all without affecting their ATPE membership status, rights, or benefits.

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