ATPE Members Continue to Rise to the Occasion

Thank you for rising to the challenge! We understand this has been a challenging year for everyone, but through it all, you kept pushing. Thanks to your support, we met our annual PAC’s Peak Challenge fundraising goal for the 10th year in a row. You helped raise more than $20,000 for the ATPE Political Action Committee (ATPE-PAC)!
Your PAC donations allow us to financially support candidates who have your professional interest at heart during the upcoming elections. The 2019 legislative session was particularly good for the public education community. Lawmakers passed major legislation that included an important school finance bill; increased funding for the Teacher Retirement System, allowing for a much-deserved 13th check for retirees; and significant pay raises for many educators. An 18% increase in voter turnout, especially among educators like you, during the 2018 election cycle helped pro-public education candidates win their races, which undoubtedly drove the positive outcome of the 2019 session. We must continue to build on that momentum heading into the next legislative session that begins in January.
The candidates you vote for during the upcoming elections will have a tremendous influence over state assessments, school funding, school safety conditions, and countless other issues that affect you. The state budget will undoubtedly be a tough one for legislators to work on next session, so we need your help to send pro-public education lawmakers to Austin who will fight to preserve those school funding gains. As you can imagine, there are other groups that have their own agendas, and they will give large contributions to candidates who do not necessarily support our legislative priorities or share our concerns. That’s where ATPE-PAC and your donations come in. Through ATPE-PAC, you are able to pool your financial resources to support candidates and officeholders who care as much about your students as you do. So, that $20,000 you helped raise during the PAC’s Peak Challenge is a big deal.
Want to help make an impact during the upcoming session? You can begin by voting in the upcoming elections. Early voting begins October 13 and ends October 30. If you decide to wait to vote until Election Day, then mark November 3 on your calendar. We have the power to shape the outcome of elections if we vote for pro-public education candidates and donate to ATPE-PAC.
If you have not had a chance to make an ATPE-PAC donation this year, please consider doing so today. We understand it’s been a tough year for everyone, but if you are in the position to make a monetary donation at this time, please consider taking a minute to make a one-time $5 donation today at
We are all in this together—now and in the months to come!
ATPE-PAC solicits contributions only from ATPE members, employees, and their families. Participation in ATPE-PAC is voluntary. Members can contribute any amount or nothing at all without affecting their ATPE membership status, rights, or benefits.
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