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4 Things to Know about Using ATPE’s Professional Learning Portal

Association of Texas Professional Educators
Association of Texas Professional Educators

Date Posted: 3/09/2020

You worked hard to earn your teaching certificate. Now, as you work hard in the classroom for Texas students, it’s important to keep up certain requirements for when you need to renew your certificate—and ATPE can help!

Every Texas educator holding a standard certificate must complete a minimum number of continuing professional education (CPE) hours through approved providers every five years for certification renewal purposes. (Visit tea.texas.gov for full details.) Luckily, as an ATPE member, you have access to our Professional Learning (PL) Portal, where you can earn many of these CPE credits on your own time via on-demand courses.

Here are four things to know about using this member resource!

1. Course access is included in your membership.
Access to the PL Portal is one of your ATPE membership benefits. All you need to do is create a web account on atpe.org. Once you’re logged in to ATPE’s website, head to atpe.org/cpe and click the “Continue to the Portal” option. That’s it; you’re in! Note: Members must access the portal through atpe.org, not a bookmarked link.

2. We have more than 80 videos available.
As an educator, your schedule is already packed, and completing CPE hours on top of that can seem overwhelming—but have no fear because ATPE currently has more than 80 videos available to members. We have dozens of SXSW EDU sessions going back to 2016 and up to 2019. The portal includes several presentations from ATPE staff attorneys, as well as courses on college preparation, digital literacy, leadership, project-based learning, and social and emotional learning by various partners and members.

3. You must complete a quick course evaluation to earn your hours.
After you finish each course, you must complete a short evaluation statement in order to officially complete the course and receive your CPE hours. This is a mandatory requirement for all education taken on the PL Portal, so don’t forget!

4. Use the Education Tracker to record your progress.
You can track your CPE hours and certificates through the Education Tracker in the PL Portal, making it easy to maintain a comprehensive history of your professional learning throughout your career. Additionally, you can record activities completed outside of the portal, including practice hours, offline courses, and seminars. (Another ATPE membership benefit!) Records are held for 10 years, and you can access, print, and download your history and course certificates at any time.

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This article originally appeared in the Spring 2020 edition of ATPE News magazine.