Meet October’s Volunteer of the Month

We’re thrilled to bring back the ATPE Volunteer of the Month recognition program for its third year! We know how hard our volunteers are working in Texas school districts, and it’s only right we take a moment to recognize those efforts. As a refresher, nominees for ATPE Volunteer of the Month should be volunteers who go above and beyond the call of duty in their commitment to ATPE and public education. We are looking for volunteers who exhibit outstanding leadership and tireless efforts. And we’re relying on YOU for nominees.

Meet our October 2019 Volunteer of the Month, Ann Hodges of Lake Dallas ATPE! For the past 14 years, Ann has been a business information management teacher at Lake Dallas High School. Prior to teaching, she was a corporate trainer for Moore Business Forms.

How long have you been an ATPE member, and why did you choose ATPE?
I have been an ATPE member for 14 years. I was approached by Lorinda Holland, our campus representative at the time. She explained the importance of being a member of a professional organization and all the benefits membership included. I was sold! Once Lorinda retired, I became our campus representative and then last year took over as president of our Lake Dallas chapter. When I speak about ATPE at new-teacher orientations or to my colleagues, I always tell them about the benefits that ATPE has to offer, from protection to the savings and discounts and the free professional development. I believe everyone in education should have the peace of mind that they are protected in today’s teaching environment.

What advice would you give a new educator coming into your position?
I would advise them to always keep an open mind and be flexible. We don’t go into this profession for the money; we go into this profession to make a difference. It is a rewarding career. You will have ups and downs, but the ups will always prevail. You will laugh, cry, and think your students are going to be the death of you some days, but in the end that one student will return and tell you what a difference you made in their life. That is what teaching is all about.

What’s new in your district and/or classroom this year?
I am excited to be teaching BIM MOS [Business Information Management (Microsoft Office Specialist)] again this year. Our district brought this course back after about five years of not offering it. My students are all juniors and seniors, most of whom I had for BIM. The course prepares them for the MOS Certification Exam in MS Word and MS Excel. It is rewarding to see these students work every class period to better acquire the skills they need in both applications. The certification exam will be the highlight of the year, and I am looking for a 100% passing rate. I can’t wait to see what their future holds with this certification on their resume.
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Darla Purcell Posted On: November 6, 2019
Well deserved, Ann! You are a great leader for ATPE!!

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