ATPE Unveils New Vision and Mission Statement

In spring 2019, the ATPE Board of Directors (BOD), in collaboration with staff members, crafted a new vision and mission statement for ATPE to better reflect the support the association provides to Texas educators.

Last updated in 2011, the modernized vision and mission statements show where ATPE is headed as an organization. Every action the association takes should and will be viewed through the lens of the new vision and mission statements.

The ATPE Vision
The Association of Texas Professional Educators (ATPE) supports the state’s largest community of educators who are dedicated to elevating public education in Texas.

The ATPE Mission
ATPE advocates for educators and delivers affordable, high-quality products and services that give members the peace of mind needed to inspire student success.

Additionally, the BOD, with assistance from staff, also developed three goals that support the vision and mission statements:
  1. Market—By understanding market conditions, ATPE will attract, engage, and retain members.
  2. Resourcing/Allocation—ATPE will strategically align resources and seek partners to safeguard an efficient, sustainable, and aligned association.
  3. Organizational Responsiveness—ATPE will review, optimize, and modernize components of the organization to ensure responsiveness to member needs.
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