Election Day Is Here

In a year dominated by headlines of educators across the country striking and speaking out, of educators diving into the political arena by way of volunteering in campaigns or even running for office, it all leads to one, simple action: Vote.


The impact that active and retired Texas educators can have on elections in this state cannot be overstated. Who gets voted into office will affect the decisions made about education, healthcare, and taxes. And for Texans who value public education, the central issue standing in the way of that positive change is the fact that there are still many legislators who are willing to vote against the interests of public education.


So, it’s time, Texas educators. Head to VoteTexas.gov to find polling locations and a list of accepted forms of ID.


Need help researching candidates? Before you head to the polls, make sure you know where candidates stand on important issues by visiting TeachtheVote.org. You often hear the phrase “vote your profession,” which means selecting a candidate based on their views of public education. And the more pro-public education allies we have, the better! At TeachtheVote.org, you will find the education stances of candidates for the Texas legislature, governor and lieutenant governor, and the State Board of Education.


Once you’re all set, encourage friends, family members, and colleagues to vote. Our greatest strength as public school employees lies within our numbers, so let those numbers speak.


See you at the polls!

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