Where Do Your Candidates Stand on Education?

Momentum has been building among public school employees since the last Texas legislative session ended. The first opportunity to turn that momentum into real change is almost upon us. Election Day is March 6.

To be an informed voter, it’s crucial to know where your candidates stand on public education issues. Lucky for you, TeachTheVote.org has compiled voting records and survey responses from numerous candidates so that you can be sure you know who's going to make public education a top priority.

How does it work?

TeachtheVote.org features profiles of candidates running for governor, lieutenant governor, Texas legislature, and State Board of Education. Use the Candidates page to search for candidates by district number, last name, map, or using your address. Our candidate profiles include incumbents’ voting records, responses to the ATPE candidate survey, photos, links to campaign websites, information on endorsements from other groups, and more.

Don’t forget to read our Teach the Vote blog for the latest education and election news, and follow @TeachtheVote on Twitter, too.

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