We’re Down to the Wire!

With only a couple of days left before the PAC’s Peak Challenge comes to an end, you still have a chance to make an impact and help us hit our $25,000 goal!

Public education has been under attack by a group of state leaders and lawmakers over the past few legislative sessions. It’s time to send a strong message that you care about what’s happening to our public education system and your profession, and you can do that with a small, one-time donation to ATPE-PAC.

As we head into another legislative session, it’s imperative that we elect leaders who truly understand the value of our Texas public schools and all that you do for the five million children you teach day in and day out. Today, it seems that every time you turn on the television, browse the net, or open up a newspaper, you hear and read about inadequate education funding and rising healthcare costs of active and retired educators. That’s because state lawmakers and leaders have been content to kick the funding can down the road for too long, and things are finally starting to catch up. We cannot continue to put these important needs off. We must elect leaders who are willing to do something about the challenges we face.

Our work is just beginning this election year. The ATPE-PAC Committee is happy to report that we had a great winning percentage in the March primaries. Many candidates ATPE-PAC supported with a financial contribution won their elections, while a handful of others have a runoff election in May. We have a tremendous opportunity to pick up more pro-public education seats in the Texas legislature this year, but we need your financial help.

If educators want to shake things up in Austin, we must bring about changes at the polls this election year. The best way to make that happen, in addition to voting, is by helping ATPE maintain a strong political action committee that can contribute to officeholders and candidates who truly support your profession! Big change starts with you! Your fellow ATPE members are counting on you. Please help us hit our $25,000 goal in the PAC’s Peak Challenge by making a $5 donation right now!

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