Build More Efficiency Into Your Classroom

A few weeks ago, as I was dropping off donations, I encountered a kind man who helped me put the donations in the nonprofit’s truck.

Turning to leave, I asked him for a tax form and he produced one from his back pocket.

“How efficient!” I said.

“I’ve always said efficiency is a good part of being lazy,” he responded with a twinkle in his eye. I took in the wisdom of his words.

In my classroom, I constantly look for ways to be more efficient. As students ask the same question on an assignment, I update the instructions on the e-copy so that, next year, I will address the confusion at the beginning of the project.

The start of a new year is a great time to build more efficiency into your classroom. Consider the following:

  1. What procedures can you put into place to minimize confusion?
  2. What tasks can you assign to a student leader?
  3. How can technology help decrease the time you spend grading?

Have a wonderful school year!

Allison Venuto is an educator with 12 years of experience in the Dallas area and is the owner of Ducks in a Row Personal Organizing. You can contact her at

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