What Do Your Students Need? ATPE Can Help!

DonorsChoose.org is a crowdfunding site that provides classroom supplies and other learning needs by connecting educators with everyday people who can help. ATPE is partnering with DonorsChoose.org to make a very special opportunity available exclusively to ATPE members! When teachers identify themselves as ATPE members on DonorsChoose.org (through either the project title or description), ATPE will match 50% of the project cost according to the criteria.* We know you dream about giving your students all the best tools to succeed. ATPE wants to help bring those resources into the classroom.

It’s easy to take advantage of this amazing opportunity!

  1. Submit your project online at DonorsChoose.org. The website will walk you through the process of selecting materials for your students and provide tips for inspiring donors to give.
  2. Identify yourself as an ATPE member. Please use the words “ATPE member” in the project title or description in order to link your project with ATPE.
  3. Determine your funding request amount. To qualify for matching funds, the total project cost, including fees, cannot exceed $1,000.
  4. Ensure your project meets DonorsChoose.org eligibility requirements. You can find out more about the teachers and schools that are eligible at DonorsChoose.org.

*Projects that qualify for this 50% match will appear on DonorsChoose.org as half off. The ATPE match is applied to projects if donors fund the first 50% before the project expires. For example, a qualifying project of $500 will be listed as needing only $250 in donations, thanks to the offer. Once $250 is given by donors, it “unlocks” the ATPE offer, the funding is applied, and the project is fully funded. The total amount, including fees, cannot exceed $1,000. Please read the DonorsChoose.org User Agreement and Rules & Responsibilities at DonorsChoose.org.

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