Teach Healthier Mobile App Staff Picks

Our friends at ATPE featured the Teach Healthier Mobile App in the Summer 2015 edition of ATPE News. If you don’t have a copy, you can read the story in the online edition. Teach Healthier is a tool for Texas educators looking to embrace mobile technology and deliver physically active health and nutrition lessons. Thousands of educators have downloaded the app since it launched last December. Classroom teachers, physical educators, after-school instructors, and families are all using Teach Healthier with their children and students. Many classroom teachers lead Energizers every day to get their kids moving and learning, and community organizations like the Brazos Valley Food Bank and YES! Youth Sports +Fitness are even designing new classes around the app.

Our team uses the app every day in our Teach Healthier After School programming in more than 30 Austin-area schools. Here are some of our favorite lessons.

Energizer: Fruits

“Most elementary students know about your basic fruits like apples, oranges, and bananas, but this Energizer introduces them to new fruits, like kiwis, papayas, and mangos! They learn that fruits can come fresh, frozen, canned, or in 100% juice, which is great to open a conversation about which forms are the healthiest and which have lots of added sugar. This Energizer is simple, requires no equipment, allows students to get up and moving and to be creative with some of the movement, which they really enjoy!” –Angel Toscano, Teach Healthier After School Manager

Warm-Up: Food Allergies

“The Food Allergies Warm-Up is one of my favorites. I always use it during trainings with educators and administration! It really tests students on the information delivered in the lesson, while keeping them moving. It also allows me to integrate an anecdote: I’m allergic to mangos, which used to be my favorite fruit! This makes the material more personal and gets students sharing their own food allergies and intolerances.” –Sara Jefferson, IT’S TIME TEXAS Program Manager

Out of School Time: World Cultures

“My 3rd grade class really loves the World Cultures lessons in the Out of School Time section. Each lesson features a different country, like China, Africa, Germany, and Brazil, and a typical game that is played by children in that country! At the beginning of each class my students will ask, ‘what country are we doing today?’ These lessons expand students’ horizons while teaching about nutrition and new ways to get active!” –Danielle Archuleta, Teach Healthier After School Instructor

Download the Teach Healthier Mobile App for your phone or tablet in the Apple App Store or Google Play today, and tell us your favorite lessons! How are you using the app with your students? Email me at Caroline@itstimetexas.org or tag us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! We would love to share your story and inspire other educators across the state.

Caroline Fothergill is the community outreach manager for IT’S TIME TEXAS.

Views and opinions expressed in guest posts are those of the guest author and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of ATPE.

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