The Texas public education community faces its greatest challenge yet during the 2020-21 school year. We don't know how COVID-19 will impact instruction and campus life in the months to come.

But we do know Texas educators will rise to the challenge—and that ATPE stands by you, each and every day.

Join ATPE now for the 2020-21 school year!

When you join ATPE, you’ll have access to:

Advocacy in Austin and D.C.
Team of experienced professional lobbyists fighting for your rights
In-depth analysis of the issues that matter most to you through our dedicated website,
A full suite of grassroots advocacy tools to help you stand up for your students
Professional learning and leadership
24/7 access to more than 80 hours of on-demand continuing professional education (CPE)
Award-winning quarterly magazine and bimonthly e-newsletter
Leadership opportunities statewide
Money-saving discounts
Exclusive member discount programs on travel, online shopping, and much more
Savings on school supplies

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"You've invested so much time and so much money into this career. Protect it."

Robert Zamora
Math teacher
ATPE member since 2005

"I'm an educator, a mom, and a wife. I barely have enough time to make my coffee in the morning, but as an ATPE member, I'm always up to date on current issues—and I have a voice with the people making decisions about me and my students."

Joy Barreras
Fourth grade teacher
Liberty Hill
ATPE member since 2012

"We need to take care of ourselves so we're in good shape to take care of our kids. That's why I'm an ATPE member."

William Barton
World geography teacher
San Antonio
ATPE member since 1999