Teach the Vote and the Legislative Action Network

ATPE’s tools for public education advocacy

ATPE’s nonpartisan advocacy website, Teach the Vote

As you know, being an informed voter and advocate is an essential role for all public school employees. That’s why ATPE created Teach the Vote, a unique website dedicated exclusively to education advocacy.

The interactive Teach the Vote blog provides the latest updates on education-related issues. It features a variety of contributors, including ATPE lobbyists and staff members and the occasional guest, who will present material to entertain as well as inform. Visitors are encouraged to comment on the posts and the comments of other readers.

Teach the Vote websiteDuring election years, Teach the Vote includes individual profiles of every candidate for the Texas Legislature and State Board of Education. The candidates’ profiles consist of photos and basic contact information for their campaigns, the candidates’ own responses to the ATPE Candidate Survey, voting records of incumbent legislators and additional research materials compiled by the ATPE Governmental Relations staff.

Every other year, Teach the Vote displays officeholder profiles rather than candidate profiles. You can find information about all elected state legislators and SBOE members, including their committee appointments and their involvement with education-related legislation.

On Teach the Vote, you’ll always find links to social media, background information on major education issues, a comprehensive events calendar and resources to help you become more politically involved.

How can you follow Teach the Vote?

  • Sign up to have the latest blog posts emailed directly to your inbox.
  • Follow the Teach the Vote blog on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Subscribe to the Teach the Vote blog and comment RSS feeds to receive notification of updates and new posts.

Legislative Action Network

ATPE members also stay informed through our Legislative Action Network (LAN), a free service that provides up-to-the-minute legislative information via email on critical issues that directly affect you. LAN alerts let you know when and how to contact your elected officials to influence important votes and decisions in Austin or Washington, D.C.

Because the effectiveness of the LAN depends on the number of members who participate, all ATPE members automatically receive LAN alerts when action is needed. A LAN email will contain specific instructions and give you all of the information you need to contact your lawmakers: what is happening, when it is happening, whom you should contact and even suggestions on what you should say. All you have to do is follow the simple instructions. 

ATPE encourages all educators and concerned citizens to take advantage of these resources.

Questions? Send us a message or call the ATPE state office at (800) 777-2873.

This is legislative advertising contracted for by Dr. Shannon J. Holmes, Executive Director, Association of Texas Professional Educators, 305 E. Huntland Dr., Suite 300, Austin, TX 78752-3792, representing ATPE.