Teacher Retirement System

ATPE’s position on TRS benefits

The Teacher Retirement System (TRS) provides lifetime retirement benefits to all eligible public school employees in Texas through a defined benefit plan. TRS also provides health care coverage through the TRS-Care insurance program for retirees and the TRS-ActiveCare program for active educators. TRS is a state agency and falls under the authority of the Texas Legislature. The TRS Board of Trustees oversees the agency and implements directives from the Legislature.

ATPE monitors the agency year-round and works with the TRS board and staff to provide public school educators the retirement they deserve. ATPE is also a major stakeholder in legislative negotiations on TRS matters.

What is ATPE’s position on TRS?

Excerpts from the ATPE Legislative Program
  • ATPE supports the dedication of all available revenue to maintain the actuarial soundness of the pension fund in order to improve benefits for all active and retired Teacher Retirement System (TRS) members.
  • ATPE supports maintaining the current defined benefit structure of the plan for all TRS members. (Visit the Teach the Vote Issues page to learn more about the ongoing debate about defined benefit pensions.)
  • ATPE supports an increased state contribution rate, an increase of the retirement formula multiplier, the establishment of TRS benefits comparable to state employee retirement benefits and continued control of TRS funds at the state level.
  • ATPE supports providing public school employees with high-quality, competitive health insurance benefits that are fully funded by the state at a level equal to or greater than the benefits provided to state employees.
  • ATPE supports requiring TRS-Care to pay for routine annual physical exams, including all physician-ordered testing.
For more information on establishing membership in TRS, service credit requirements, health insurance information and retirement eligibility, contact ATPE Governmental Relations, or reference the TRS Benefits Handbook.

Questions? Send us a message or call the ATPE state office at (800) 777-2873.

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