Volunteer Opportunities

Gain leadership skills and make friends through ATPE

Members are the lifeblood of ATPE. Working educators just like you serve as ATPE volunteers in school districts throughout the state.
There are several ways to get involved with ATPE: as a campus representative or as a local unit officer. You can also volunteer for ATPE state committee service.
Getting started as an ATPE volunteer is easy. Simply contact Anna Belle Burleson, ATPE’s Volunteer Program Coordinator at volunteer@atpe.org to learn about opportunities in your district.

What is a campus representative?

Campus representatives serve as the voice of ATPE on their campuses. This is an extremely rewarding volunteer role. Campus reps may work in a district with an ATPE local unit. Or they may represent ATPE in a district without a local unit. As a campus rep, you have only a few primary responsibilities:

  • Serve as a visible leader on your campus.
  • Share why you love ATPE with your colleagues and ask them to join.
  • Distribute, collect and process ATPE membership applications.
  • Share information about ATPE benefits and activities and legislative happenings throughout the year.

A more detailed job description can be found here
Some educators are concerned that if they become campus reps, they’ll have to assist their colleagues with job-related legal issues. That is not the case. In fact, all a campus rep should do when approached by a fellow member with a job-related concern is remind the member that help is available with a phone call to (800) 777-ATPE or a visit to www.atpe.org.

What is a local unit officer?

Local unit officers ensure that ATPE has a presence at the school district level by:

  • Coordinating a local membership campaign to recruit new members and retain prior-year members.
  • Recruiting and recognizing volunteers.
  • Conducting local unit elections.
  • Ensuring the local unit is represented at the ATPE House of Delegates meeting.
  • Advocating for public education at the district and state level.
  • Participating in community service activities, such as fun runs and district events.

Questions? Send us a message or call the ATPE state office at (800) 777-2873.