Region 7


Thank you for being a part of ATPE, the largest educator organization in the nation. Our region is one of 20 across the state. On this page you’ll find the contact information for our local and regional officers, as well as a calendar that will include our meeting notices. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you!

ATPE has eight Regional Membership Specialists working statewide. Your Regional Membership Specialist is Ginger Franks. You may contact her at:


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Forms and Documents

Region Officers

Click on the president's name to send him or her an email.

Name Office Campus
Kimberly Dolese Region Director New Diana High
Teresa Millard Region President Woden Elementary
John Donihoo Region Vice President Woden Elementary
Beverly Leath Region Secretary Woden Jr High
Michelle Adams Region Treasurer Martinsville School
Betty Berndt Region Past President Rice Elementary
Christy Shelley Region Misc Office Gladewater Middle
Ginger Franks Region Misc Office Retired Members

ATPE Local Units in Region 7

The local unit president is listed. Click on the president’s name to send him or her an email.

Name Local Unit Campus
Misty Duplichain Alto ATPE Alto Elementary
Steffany Jewell Big Sandy (7) ATPE Big Sandy Elementary
Richard Kilmer Broaddus ATPE Broaddus Elementary
Averi Foster East Texas Baptist Univ ATPE East Texas Baptist University
Destiny Timmons East Texas Baptist Univ ATPE East Texas Baptist University
Deanna Haynes Eustace ATPE Eustace ISD
Shannon Bush Gary ATPE Gary ISD
Carolyn Pruitt Hallsville ATPE Hallsville Primary
Melissa South Harmony ATPE Poole Elementary
Nina Farrell Hemphill ATPE Hemphill High
Yulanda Wall Henderson ATPE Montgomery Achievement Center
Denise Jones Huntington ATPE Huntington High
Patty Bristow LaPoynor ATPE LaPoynor Jr High
Susie Prince Marshall Mavericks ATPE Marshall High
Pam Haston Mineola ATPE Mineola Primary
Kim Followwell Murchison ATPE Murchison Elementary/Jr High
Roya Dinbali Nacogdoches ATPE Nacogdoches High
Christy Shelley Northeast Texas ATPE Gladewater Middle
Falbert McCoy-Garrett San Augustine ATPE San Augustine Elementary
Betty Berndt Tyler ATPE Rice Elementary
Brooke Schitoskey Westwood ATPE Westwood Elementary
Carl Franks Woden ATPE Woden Elementary


Region President

Woden ISD