Region 2


Thank you for being a part of ATPE, the largest educator organization in the nation. Our region is one of 20 across the state. On this page you’ll find the contact information for our local and regional officers, as well as a calendar that will include our meeting notices. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you!


ATPE has eight Regional Membership Specialists working statewide. Your Regional Membership Specialist is Roger Gutierrez. You may contact him at:

Forms and Documents

Region Officers

Click on the president's name to send him or her an email.

Name Office Campus
Barbara Ruiz Region Director Los Encinos Elementary
Cesarea Germain Region President Corpus Christi ISD
Lorrie Gomez Region Vice President Oak Park Special Emphasis School
Amerika Reyes Region Secretary Montclair Elementary
Cordelia Gonzales Region Treasurer Oak Park Special Emphasis School
Jackie Hannebaum Region Misc Office Evans Elementary

ATPE Local Units in Region 2

The local unit president is listed. Click on the president’s name to send him or her an email.

Name Local Unit Campus
Roni Wymore Banquete ATPE Banquete Jr High
Estella Anzualda Brooks County ATPE Brooks County ISD
Jackie Hannebaum Corpus Christi ATPE Evans Elementary
Janell Owen Driscoll ATPE Driscoll Elementary
Ellie Jimerson George West ATPE George West Elementary
Esther Vasquez Ingleside ATPE Ingleside ISD
Ode Moreno Kingsville ATPE Harrel Elementary
Krysta Frazier Pettus ATPE Pettus Secondary
Marla Duron Ricardo ATPE Ricardo Elementary
Catherine Gonzalez Riviera ATPE Nanny Elementary
Carlos De La Garza Robstown ATPE Seale Jr High
Hilda Chapa San Diego ATPE Collins Parr Elementary
Tules Ramirez Santa Gertrudis ATPE Santa Gertrudis School


Region President

Corpus Christi ISD




ATPE Event

Member Meeting

Silverado Steakhouse, Corpus Christi

5:30 PM