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ATPE News Summer 2019

  • No. 4
Summer 2019 | Volume 39 | Issue 4
In This Issue


In this issue of ATPE News, we introduce you to the Brenham GameChangers, a group of citizens who joined together to become agents of change for the students in their community.

Engineering Curiosity


Meet Ravi Prakash, a NASA engineer from Texas City ISD who uses his education to explore the universe and help lift people out of poverty.

Changing the Game


A group of Brenham, Texas, locals came together to change their attitude and make a difference in the lives of students.

Funding Your Classroom


Every teacher has projects that they would love to make happen in their classroom, and grants can be a great way to find funding to support your goals. Ever wondered how to find a grant and apply for

Public Perspectives on Education

Special Section

We know by now what Texas public school employees think about issues such as school funding, testing, and compensation. We’ve also seen the discourse about public education increase as a whole. So, wh

Director’s Message

Director's Message

As another school year comes to an end, it’s a perfect time to map out what we want the upcoming year to look like for our association.

An End to Homework

Members Speak

Every fall, as I get ready for yet another school year, one question crosses my mind: to give homework or not to give homework?

Mic Check!


A West Texas educator connects with kids and defends educators through hip-hop.

Summer Resignation Deadlines

Your Ally

Take note of your district’s resignation deadline before summer hits.

Elections Still Matter

Your Voice

The 86th Texas legislative session proves that elections still matter.