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ATPE News Spring 2019

  • No. 3
Spring 2019 | Volume 39 | Issue 3
The Right Equation


ATPE talks to Rhonda Peña, 2019 Texas Elementary Teacher of the Year, about math, success, and testing.

School Shootings by the Numbers


School violence is a difficult subject to navigate. Emotions are high on every side of the debate. ATPE has compiled school violence data and polling numbers within Texas and across the country.

Taking Action to Keep Students Safe


In an effort to prevent future tragedies, a growing number of ATPE members and their colleagues are stepping forward to ask questions, get training, and take action to keep students safe.

The Legalities of Firearms on Campus

Your Ally

Federal law, state law, and local policy all play important roles in determining when it is permissible to have a firearm on K-12 public school grounds.

Say It with a Bitmoji


Bitmoji, a free app available for both Android and Apple platforms, helps you create personalized emojis so that you can communicate with your students in new ways.

Introducing Elementary Students to STEM


Meet a high school student who has made it her mission to introduce STEM to elementary students.

President's Message

President's Message

There are a lot of important decisions being made during this legislative session that affect what happens in your classroom, including vouchers, payroll deduction, educators’ healthcare, and more.

One Teacher’s Journey to the Texas Capitol: How I Became an ATPE Lobbyist

Your Voice

ATPE’s newest lobbyist describes her path from the classroom to the Capitol.