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ATPE News Fall 2020

  • No. 1
Texas educators prepare for the unknown in 2020-21.
In This Issue


Explore our Portrait of a Pandemic feature.

Portrait of a Pandemic: Texas Educators Prepare for the Unknown in 2020-21


Explore our Portrait of a Pandemic feature.

The Act of Being a Citizen


Learn how civics education stakeholders in Texas are working to ensure students become participatory citizens.

Broken Heart: Addressing Systemic Racism in a Trauma-Informed Resilient Classroom


In a special Members Speak column, ATPE member Scoie Green, a professional communications educator, explains how her colleagues can examine the trauma of racial injustice and its effects on students a

Navigating Politics in the Classroom

Your Ally

Understand the limits on freedom of expression for public school employees in our latest legal column.

Amid Uncertainty, One Thing Is Clear: Your Vote Matters


During a time when government officials at all levels need to find solutions to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re seeing how the power of the educator vote is all the more important.

A Lesson in Modeling Authenticity

Special Section

ATPE member Morgan Castillo, a 2020 H-E-B Excellence in Education Award recipient, speaks about the importance of authenticity, passion, and daring to try new things.

Indoor Plants for Any Classroom

Brain Break

Find your green thumb in our latest Brain Break—a compilation of a variety of indoor plants that can survive with minimum effort.