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Grow as a Volunteer Leader at the 2024 ATPE Summit

Association of Texas Professional Educators
Association of Texas Professional Educators

Date Posted: 5/21/2024

In addition to the opportunity to participate in the ATPE House of Delegates and professional learning sessions, the ATPE Summit offers those ATPE volunteer leaders in attendance the chance to grow their skillset before the 90-Day Membership Campaign kicks off. We’re excited to announce our volunteer leader training sessions for the 2024 ATPE Summit at the Sheraton Dallas.

GENERAL SESSION (4:30–6 p.m. Monday, July 8)

It’s Go Time: 90-Day Membership Campaign Success

Success during the 90-Day Membership Campaign starts when you open your membership materials box and continues through Oct. 31! We’ll walk you through a model campaign timeline, reminding you of key dates, and help you craft your own ATPE story. Ready, set, recruit! General session for all volunteers; session includes presentation of the 2023-24 Leader of the Year Awards.

Presenters: ATPE Membership Director Joy England, ATPE Marketing & Communications Director Kate Johanns, and special guests


BREAKOUT SESSIONS (3:15–4:15 p.m. Monday, July 8)—CHOOSE ONE

ATPE’s All-Star Retired Volunteers

Each membership campaign, members participating in the Retiree Volunteer Program greatly extend ATPE’s ability to reach educators at new-teacher orientations, convocations, and other recruiting events. Learn how the program works and get tips for success, as well as info on other opportunities to stay engaged with ATPE. Recommended for current and soon-to-be retirees.

Presenters: Yolanda Capetillo, North East; John Milner, Bandera; and ATPE Membership Specialist Yvette Milner


Blue Ribbon University Local Units

ATPE’s university local units have a unique structure, unique financial needs, unique activities, and most of all, a unique role in ATPE’s future! After all, they’re one important training ground for future leadership! Learn strategies used by top university local units. Recommended for university local unit members and sponsors.

Presenters: Indira Lopez, New Caney, and ATPE Membership Specialist Cynthia Villalovos


Right at Your Fingertips: Exploring ATPE’s Digital Recruitment Tools

Busy volunteers need quick-and-easy ways to spread the word about ATPE, and ATPE’s online presence—atpe.org, TeachtheVote.org, and our social media platforms—is filled with digital recruitment tools. Join us for a tour of Leader Central, as well as other tools, and take away strategies for ongoing digital recruitment. Recommended for all attendees.

Presenters: ATPE Marketing & Communications Director Kate Johanns and Digital Marketing Specialist Jennifer Price


Next-Gen Learning & Engagement Tools

We are thrilled to launch the new ATPE Professional Learning Portal and ATPE Online Community. These platforms provide exciting opportunities for ATPE members to connect with one another and grow as professionals. Learn more about these new avenues for learning and networking and how you can incorporate them in your membership pitch. Recommended for all attendees.

Presenters: ATPE Managing Editor David George and Engagement & Learning Specialist Andrea Hutlock


Region Listening Session

Region officers are invited to participate in an interactive feedback session on their volunteer experience facilitated by ATPE staff leadership.

Facilitators: ATPE Executive Director Shannon Holmes and Associate Executive Director Gary Richardson


Local Unit Listening Session

Local unit officers are invited to participate in an interactive feedback session on their volunteer experience facilitated by ATPE staff leadership.

Facilitators: ATPE Associate Executive Director Jennifer Mitchell and Membership Director Joy England


Maximizing Your Local Unit’s Impact Year-Round

Retaining local unit members extends beyond the 90-Day Membership Campaign. When your local unit’s members see your local unit actively engaged in your school district and community, as well as providing local networking opportunities, they’ll feel excited about being a member of Team ATPE. Learn how to increase your local unit’s local presence. Recommended for local unit officers and campus representatives.

Facilitators: ATPE Membership Specialist Ginger Franks and Lobbyist Heather Sheffield


What Makes Today’s Volunteer Tick?

It’s well established that the nature of volunteerism has changed—so what do we do about it? Join us to explore nontraditional volunteer opportunities, learn how to identify good potential volunteers, and untap strategies for motivating and recognizing volunteers in their work. Recommended for all attendees.

Presenters: ATPE Membership Specialist Diane Pokluda and Mary Jane Waits

Step Right Up: Conquering Your Annual Budget & Treasurer’s Report

We understand—creating an annual local unit budget, tracking expenses, and completing the required annual treasurer’s report can seem daunting at first. The secret is staying organized. Learn tips that make your local unit’s financial reporting responsibilities manageable. Recommended for local unit officers, especially presidents and treasurers.

Presenters: ATPE Membership Specialists Jeff Vega and Eduardo Silva


We All Win When We Work Together

How strong is your local unit or region team? How well are you communicating, and are you maximizing the tools and resources available to you? Perhaps most importantly, do you have a succession plan? Join us to learn strategies for building a solid foundation for officer team success. Recommended for region and local unit officers.

Presenters: ATPE Membership Specialists Roger Gutierrez and Joe Cruz


How to Amp Up Your Meetings

Do you struggle to attract attendees to your local unit and region meetings? Maybe it’s time to shake things up. Learn strategies for hosting engaging meetings and walk away with ideas for icebreakers and team-building activities. Recommended for all attendees.

Presenters: ATPE Field Program Manager Kelly Greer and Membership Specialist Amber Tomas

Please note: Volunteer leader training sessions are not eligible for continuing professional education (CPE) credit.