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Thanksgiving Travel Tips

Association of Texas Professional Educators
Association of Texas Professional Educators

Date Posted: 11/16/2022

Whether you are preparing a celebration at home or traveling across the country to visit your loved ones, Thanksgiving can be a busy and stressful holiday. With all the hope for relaxation and an escape from the daily grind, traveling around this time can be exactly the opposite. But though holiday travel may feel a bit daunting, it doesn’t have to be. With a little preparation and some help from the following tips and your ATPE member discounts, you can rest easy knowing that you are ready for anything.

Plan Ahead
Ideally, you made your Thanksgiving travel arrangements weeks, if not months, ago. The earlier you book flights, the more likely you are to get better seats and lower fares. Airlines often advertise holiday offers on their websites or social media accounts months ahead with special deals and discounts for savvy travelers. You will also want to consider which days you choose to travel. The closer to Thanksgiving, the longer the lines and the bigger the headaches. Consider arriving earlier or leaving later if your schedule allows.

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Avoid Delays
You can’t hope to predict the weather any more than you can hope to control it. It may be a beautiful time of year where you live, but the climate at your destination could be drastically different. Be sure to check weather reports early and often for anything you might encounter that could cause a delay. This includes all sorts of potential storms or winter weather that could create unsafe flying or driving conditions. Once again, it pays to start out early. This is just as true for driving as it is for airports.

Pack Light
Especially important if you decide to fly, packing light is the best way to go so you can avoid the crowds at baggage claim and the potential for lost luggage. Traveling with only a carry-on when possible is incredibly liberating and convenient. You can save space and money by bringing a small backpack or briefcase as well; it won’t cost anything extra as long as it meets the airline’s size requirements. Also, for bulky clothing, if you can wear it instead of packing it, you can save even more space. If you instead decide to drive to your destination, packing light allows more space in your vehicle for the convenience of a cooler you can load up with snacks and drinks for the journey ahead.

Whether you decide to drive or fly this coming week, remember to take advantage of your ATPE member discounts to help get you there safe and sound with money and time to spare.