A Sincere Thank-You to Our 2018-19 ATPE Political Action Committee Honorees

ATPE sincerely thanks this year’s Political Action Committee honorees who were recognized at the ATPE Summit for their donations to ATPE-PAC during the previous 2018-19 membership year.

Donations to ATPE-PAC by members like these help our association make campaign contributions to pro-public education candidates in Texas. The funds we received from our members helped ATPE influence the outcomes of the 2018 general election, which sent a number of pro-public education candidates to the Texas Legislature where they helped pass some of the most important education bills we’ve seen in years during the 2019 legislative session.

Thank you for all you do to help ATPE fight for public schools, students and your profession!

William B. Travis ATPE-PAC Honorees
William B. Travis Honorees are members who donated $150 or more to ATPE-PAC between Aug. 1, 2017, and July 31, 2018.

Elizabeth Abrahams, Susan Ambrus, Stephanie Bailey, Betty Berndt, Julleen Bottoms, Sherry Boyd, Tina Briones, Jana Brockman, Brenda Bryan, Ygnacia Capetillo, Lisa Cook, Carol Davies, David de la Garza, Sharon Dixon, Suellen Ener, Madonna Felan, Twila Figueroa, Ron Fitzwater, Jason Forbis, Paula Marshall, Carl Franks, Ginger Franks, Cesarea Germain, Donna Gibbon, Tonja Gray, Barbara Jo Green, Vicki Greenfield, Kathie Gressett, Teresa Griffin, Karen Hames, Margie Hastings, Allyson Haveman, Jean Henderson, Byron Hildebrand, Eddie Hill, Lotus Hoey, Malinda Holzapfel, MaElena Ingram, Frankie Jarrell, Stefani Johnson, Darlene Kelly, Connie Kilday, Alison Kimble, Kim Kriegel, Gina Langley, Deann Lee, Jimmy Lee, Carole Lemonds, Dale Lovett, Benjamin Lozano, Miranda Madden, Meredith Malloy, Katy Matthews, Teresa Millard, Donald Milner, Yvette Milner, Roger Moralez, Nathan Moye, Debbie Mullins, Dee Parnell, Bobbye Patton, Dominic Perez, Deborah Pleasant, Betty Plunkett, Steve Pokluda, Jacquline Price, Keri Ramig, Michael Renteria, Julie Riggs, Dawn Riley, Lindsay Robinson, Eugenia Rolfe, Nelly Rosales-Nino, Cynthia Rowden, Olga Rubio, Michelle Ruddell, Barbara Ruiz, Gayle Sampley, Jayne Serna, Maria Slette, Shelia Slider, Wendy Smith, Sam Spurlock, Patricia Startz, Judi Thomas, Lizandra Ayala Valentin, Cynthia Veselka, Greg Vidal, Eileen Walcik, Melissa Walcik, Ron Walcik, Kelley Walker, Leslie Ward, Stacey Ward, Craig Weart, Virginia Welch, Debra Welch-Marks, Jeannette Whitt, Shane Whitten, Richard Wiggins, David Williams, Sharon Woody

Stephen F. Austin ATPE-PAC Honorees
The members below have contributed the following cumulative amounts to ATPE-PAC since July 1997.

Carol Davies, David de la Garza

Jed Reed, Gayle Sampley

Barbara Jo Green, Janice Hornsby, David Williams

Nelson Bishop, Shirley Crow, Alice Erdelt, Randall Iglehart, Dale Lovett, Benjamin Lozano, Betty McCoy, Maria Samantha Montaño, Sharon Nix, Glen Rabalais, Patty Reneau, Greg Vidal

Teresa Akers, Susan Ambrus, Yonne Avina, Gidget Belinoski-Bailey, Yolanda Capetillo, Don Cotten, Sharon Dixon, Rhonda Ellis, Madonna Felan, Jason Fife, Michele Garner, Gail Hall, Allyson Haveman, Jean Henderson, Jeanette Hlavaty, Jerry Jarrell, Stefani Johnson, Bridget Loffler, Miranda Madden, Lori Mitchell, Roger Moralez, Linda Moran, Lynn Nutt, David Ochoa, Michael Renteria, Desirie Ries, Rose Rivas, Nelly Rosales-Nino, Cynthia Rowden, Shelia Slider, Patricia Startz, Maria Trevino, Elizabeth Turner, Leslie Ward, Rosalie Watkins, Virginia Welch, Jettie Whitlock

Davy Crockett Fundraising Challenge
This challenge was established to recognize the regions and local units that raise the most money per member for ATPE-PAC.

Region, 10,001 or more members
Region 10

Region, 10,000 or fewer members
Region 20

Local unit, 1–200 members
Woden ATPE

Local unit, 201–500 members
McAllen ATPE

Local unit, 501–plus members
Plano ATPE

ATPE-PAC Statesman Award
The ATPE-PAC Statesman Award honors ATPE members who have donated $20 or more to the ATPE-PAC for 12 consecutive months.

Elizabeth Abrahams, Betty Berndt, Brenda Bryan, David de la Garza, Twila Figueroa, Tonja Gray, Margie Hastings, Darlene Kelly, Connie Kilday, Dale Lovett, Benjamin Lozano, Roger Moralez, Deborah Pleasant, Steve Pokluda, Keri Ramig, Dawn Riley, Jayne Serna, Wendy Smith, Cynthia Veselka, Ron Walcik

ATPE-PAC Hall of Fame
This award is bestowed on those members who have donated $10,000 dollars or more to ATPE-PAC since July 1997.

Twila Figueroa, Richard Wiggins

Our members’ voluntary donations to ATPE-PAC are used to make contributions to officeholders and candidates who have demonstrated support for public education and ATPE philosophies. A donation to ATPE-PAC is an investment in Texas public schools and their students. Donate as little as $5 to ATPE-PAC today to help us influence the 2020 elections and shape the outlook for the next Texas legislative session!

ATPE-PAC solicits contributions only from ATPE members, employees, and their families. Participation in ATPE-PAC is voluntary. Members can contribute any amount or nothing at all without affecting their ATPE membership status, rights, or benefits.

Not an ATPE member? Join today to fight for Texas public education. We’re 100,000 strong. Will you add your voice?
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