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TELL (Teaching Empowering Leading and Learning) Texas is a new statewide survey of educators mandated by the Texas Legislature. All certified professional educators working in Texas schools are entitled to provide their feedback through this anonymous survey. While teachers are not required to participate, ATPE strongly encourages all teachers to take advantage of this great opportunity. The more educators who choose to respond to the TELL Texas survey, the more information we will have available to persuade legislators and policymakers to support our public schools and their staff members in meaningful ways.

For many years, ATPE has urged the state to conduct such a survey in order to focus attention on factors that affect both teacher retention and student success. This recommendation was included in ATPE-commissioned teacher quality studies in both 2008 and 2010. Dr. Ed Fuller, senior research associate for the Center for Teaching Quality and the head of the research for our study, stated in the 2010 study:

“Research has found that teacher working conditions have a significant impact on teacher effectiveness as measured by gains in student achievement and are the primary factor in improving teacher retention. Without addressing the issue of teacher working conditions, all other efforts to increase the degree of equity in the distribution of teachers will surely fail.”

The TELL Texas survey will provide the state with valuable information about working conditions in public schools, including class sizes, availability of planning time, access to technology and other resources, parental involvement and much more. ATPE strongly encourages all certified professional educators to participate in this anonymous survey, which opens April 7 and runs through May 31.

Additional details, including access codes, have been sent to principals, and the Texas Education Agency expects them to share that information with their certified staff between now and May 1st. If you do not receive instructions with an anonymous access code from your principal, you may also request this information directly via or by calling the TELL Texas help desk. The survey will take approximately 30 minutes for you to complete. Remember that your individual responses to the survey will be completely anonymous; whether you decide to take the survey and any responses you provide will have no impact on your employment status.

Please help us continue our efforts to improve student learning, educator quality and teacher retention by providing your voluntary input about the conditions on your campus. Visit to learn more about the survey, and feel free to contact ATPE Governmental Relations with any concerns about the survey or your opportunity to participate. 
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