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In a previous issue of Classroom Tip, we discussed how Twitter is a great resource to turn to for quick professional tips—a virtual water cooler chat if you need advice or fresh ideas from your peers. If you’re searching for bold new ideas and inspiration—for either yourself or your students—you can also find motivation online, via TED Talks.
TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) is a nonprofit company that hosts conference-type events where innovative thinkers discuss ideas for 20 minutes or less. These talks are then posted online. A couple of particularly great examples are featured below.
Want to recharge (and feel reinspired) for the upcoming school year? Check out “Every Kid Needs a Champion,” by former educator Rita Pierson:
TED has curated a list of 10 talks from inspiring teachers, which includes talks such as “Math class needs a makeover,” by high school math teacher and blogger Dan Meyer:
Bonus: Your students might also love TED Talks. There are presentations that will appeal to virtually any audience. For example, you can hear from fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi on creativity and author J.K. Rowling on The Fringe Benefits of Failure, or you can geek out over this playlist of seven TED Talks to make you love science.
Do you have a favorite TED Talk? Share in the comments!
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