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Dear Region 4 ATPE Membership

I love attending our Summit conventions, I know that it is unbelievably fiscally difficult that all 100,000 plus state members attend convention, but for the one hundred twenty-six Region 4 members that signed up to attend, if we were to at least invite one new member, I know that they would be hooked and they, too, would become an active participant and groomed into an extraordinary leader for our organization. I loved Dr. Adolph Brown’s presentation and I am glad that many of you were able to purchase his book. During our 2016-2017 school year, share his enthusiasm, energy an empower others with his 4-F philosophy, (FUN, FIRMNESS, FAIRNESS, and FAITH).

One of my favorite authors coincidently has two F’s in his name, Flip Flippen, some of you may know of him from “Capturing Kids Hearts”. I read his first book, the Flip Side, years ago, and according to that book, I was a marshmallow, always saying ‘yes’ to all requests made by my family, friends and co-workers/supervisors. I realized after reading that book, that I had to change. I had emerging leadership qualities then, but saying -yes- to everyone was wearing me thin. The book helped me identify my constraints, my weakness, and had to work on developing the ability to say, -not right now. Now, there are other Flippen identifiers that perhaps you may relate to, for example: ostriches, bullet-proof, flatliners, turtles, volcanoes, bulldozers, critics, icebergs, and quick-draws. There are 100 questions that helped me identify several constraints, but my main one was being a marshmallow. I’ve shared this with you, because for the most part, I want to more than just invite you to connect with one another, I want you to connect with yourself, which in turn would then help you learn how you can connect with others, especially with our new teachers.

Having entered midlife, I look at things differently, but I know that I always still feel as if I was in my twenties. It’s funny though, how that feeling quickly changes when I go to my Zumba class, and I measure the noise level with my Decibel App reader on my iPhone, I know right then and there, that I am not twenty anymore. Perhaps, Flip might need to add a new constraint identifier and call it an FB-chat-tweet-gram-er, because for the most part our new teachers are on social media a lot, and that is okay. I, however, encourage you to connect with them, friend them, snap chat a picture of you helping them prepare their classroom, tweet how their class is rocking after the first week of school, or Instagram their smile when they get their first paycheck, because they have officially become independent. Celebrate their victories with your circle of friends. Applaud their accomplishments, their success and share it with us on our Region 4 Facebook page. I would love for us to attend as many Region 4 Connect Events as possible, especially during our 90-day membership drive. I can hardly wait for the new school year to begin, are you excited, too?

As always, represent ATPE with pride by boasting our services with everyone. These include our advocacy groups with legislation, our legal department that is there for us 24-7, making monthly donations to our PAC, using Teach the Vote to educate others, and using all the fabulous discounts listed on our member website. ATPE is member owned -member governed, it’s the best organization that has always protected our right to teach, the right to serve. My wish for each of you is to also have the four, Fs… may each of have a fascinating- fantastic, fun-filled, fabulous school year!


Always a pleasure,


Imelda E. Hernandez, M.S., M.Ed.
ATPE Region 4 President


ATPE has regional representatives working statewide. Your regional representative is Cynthia Villalovos, and she is ready to help you reach your region’s goals. Contact her at:



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Region 4 ATPE Committee Responsibilities

2016-17 Region 4 ATPE Committees

Region Officers

Region OfficersClick on the president's name to send him or her an email.

Name Office Campus
Eliseo Rodriguez Region Director Hamilton Middle
Ryan Nassif Region President Clear Lake High
Ron Fitzwater Region Vice President Alvin High
Shawn Mustain Region Secretary Spring Woods High
Sharon Dixon Region Treasurer Jacinto City Elementary
Imelda Hernandez Region Past President Cimarron Elementary
Cynthia Villalovos Region Misc Office Waltrip High - NW
Stephanie Baker Region Misc Office Eagle Springs Elementary

ATPE Local Units in Region 4

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Name Local Unit Campus
Wanda Giles Aldine ATPE Lane School
Christina Stark Alief ATPE Albright Middle
Amanda Garcia Alvin ATPE Passmore Elementary
Tonya Tilton Anahuac ATPE Anahuac Elementary
Scherri Stroman Angleton ATPE Student Alternative Center
Margaret Keillor Brazosport ATPE Campus Unknown
Margaret Tipton Channelview ATPE Johnson Jr High
Martha Anne Pierson Clear Creek ATPE Clear Lake High
Bess Simple Columbia-Brazoria ATPE Columbia High
Jay Guerrero Cypress-Fairbanks ATPE Falcon Annex
Sheryl Wagenseller Dayton ATPE Austin Elementary
Jamie Ellis Deer Park ATPE Fairmont Elementary
Lisa Cook Dickinson ATPE Dickinson High
Lynn Nutt Galena Park ATPE Galena Park ISD-Admin Bldg
Vernon Kennedy Galveston ATPE Rosenberg Elementary
Christian Goodwin Hardin ATPE Hardin High
Daisy Rodriguez Hempstead ATPE Hempstead Elementary
Terrence Boggs Houston ATPE Milne Elementary - SW
Tiffany Davis Houston Baptist University ATPE Houston Baptist University
Louis Mascolo Humble ATPE Kingwood High
Diane Wilson Katy ATPE Retired Members
Allen Bettis Klein ATPE Klein Forest High
Ulysses Guerra Lone Star College - Cypress-Fairbanks ATPE Lone Star College-CyFair
Charlotte Anthony Pasadena ATPE Melillo Middle
Henry Bostick Royal ATPE Royal Elementary
Yvette Diaz Spring ATPE Spring ISD
Shawn Mustain Spring Branch ATPE Spring Woods High
Melinda Fauver Stafford ATPE Stafford Primary
Jeanette Hlavaty Sweeny ATPE Retired Members
Fre'drika Aubrey Texas Southern University ATPE Texas Southern University
Cathy Eng Tomball ATPE Canyon Pointe Elementary
Morgan Weaver Univ of St Thomas ATPE Univ of St Thomas
Mary Jane Oliver Waller ATPE Holleman Elementary




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