Association of Texas Professional Educators

Online Professional Learning Opportunities

Collaborative Partnerships

ATPE has collaborated with the Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) to provide 10 FREE webinars to ATPE members during the 2013-14 school year in addition to other professional learning opportunities.

Find more information about and register for the webinars below at the ATPE/TCEA Web portal.

In each online session, you will have the opportunity to engage with the presenter and other participants in real time by using a computer with Internet access. No special software is needed. Plus, TCEA will email all registrants a link to the recorded webinar, so if you miss the live session, you won't miss out on the professional learning opportunity. Access step-by-step registration instructions for free webinars here.

ATPE has partnered with ACTIVE Life to provide professional learning opportunities focused on health and wellness.

Check out the ATPE webinar page for information on both upcoming and archived events.

The mission of ACTIVE Life is to build and sustain healthy communities. You may access free webinars, programs, technology and training/support at Also, start planning and get your community involved in the Healthy at H-E-B Community Challenge at

ATPE is in our third year of partnership with the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented (TAGT). TAGT is an organization made up of educators and parents dedicated to meeting the unique needs of gifted-and-talented students. Visit ATPE's webinars page to view both upcoming and archived webinars brought to you through this partnership.

Podcast: The Basics of Differentiated Instruction and Tiered Learning
Miss the 2012 ATPE Summit session? Download the podcast below to hear panelists Dr. Lynette Breedlove, Raine Maggio and TAGT's own Tracy Weinberg share best practices in gifted education, creative problem-solving and problem-based learning, the concepts of differentiated curriculum and tiered learning for all students.

Download a podcast of the session (right click and save). Follow along with the podcast by downloading PDFs of the PowerPoint presentation and the session handout.

ATPE Teacher Support Program

The ATPE Teacher Support Program is designed to provide both live and online support to teachers who are in their first through third years in the classroom, or who are new to a grade level or content area.

Click here for more information on the program as well as applications and links to webinars and book studies.

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Course Listing

All CPE courses will be unavailable beginning in Spring 2014 so that they can be updated. New and updated courses will be unveiled as they are completed.

ATPE also offers the online CPE courses listed below free of charge and welcomes all educators employed in Texas public schools to learn more about ATPE membership.

Participants are bound by the honor system for reading all text and material presented in order to achieve the maximum benefit of the training credit.

Duplicate Copy: If you have completed one of these online courses in the past and need a copy of your CPE Credit Record, click here.

If you encounter difficulties with any of our courses, read these Frequently Asked Questions.

Applicable Federal and State Laws
  Major Public Education Laws Relating to Educators - Unit 1 (2 hrs)
  Major Public Education Laws Relating to Educators - Unit 2 (2 hrs)
  Major Public Education Laws Relating to Educators - Unit 3 (2 hrs)
  Major Public Education Laws Relating to Educators - Unit 4 (1.5 hrs)
  Major Public Education Laws Relating to Educators - Unit 5 (2 hrs)
Bilingual Education
  Sheltered Instruction (1 hr)
Discipline Management
  Innovative Discipline (2 hrs)
Diversity and Special Needs Populations
  Improving Educational Outcomes for Children in Foster Care Parts I & II (2 hrs)
  Improving Educational Outcomes for Children in Foster Care Parts III & IV (2 hrs)
Educator Leadership
  Mentoring for Para-educator Advancement (1 hr)
English/Language Arts
  Getting Thoughts on Paper (3.5 hrs)
  Mastering the Challenges of Reading(3 hrs)
Instructional Techniques
  Anti-plagiarism Strategies for Educators (1 hr)
  Getting Organized & Good Work Habits for Students (2 hrs)
  Strategies for Increasing Student Achievement (2 hrs)
  Thinking with Numbers (3 hrs)
Professional Standards
  Understanding PDAS Scoring Standards (2 hr)
Removing Obstacles to Student Achievement
  Developing Control Over Attention (3 hrs)
  Learning to Relate to Others (3 hrs)
Special Education
  Supporting Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Visual Strategies for Visual Learners (1 hr)