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Sample Memo: PDAS Response

The following wording may be used to respond to an appraisal summary or observation report. This sample document includes references to the state appraisal rules and specifically invokes the teacher's right to respond. Please do not print this page and submit it to your appraiser. You should create a document of your own, inserting the appropriate information where indicated. Call the ATPE Member Legal Services Department at (800) 777-ATPE if you have questions about teacher appraisals or responding to your appraisal or for assistance with your appraisal response.



TO:  (insert appraiser's name), (insert appraiser's title, e.g. Principal)

FROM:  (insert your name), (insert your classroom assignment or title)

DATE:  (insert current date)

SUBJECT:  Written Response to (Evaluation or Summative) Conducted on (insert date)

This written response is filed pursuant to 19 Tex. Admin. Code Section (150.1005(a)(1) if yearly observation or 150.1005(a)(2) if summative) and is to be attached to the evaluation instrument prepared by (insert appraiser's name).  The (evaluation or summative) was conducted on (insert date), and the (observation record or summative report) was received on (insert date).  This written response is to be attached to the permanent appraisal record.  (Optional:  I also request that a second appraisal be performed by another appraiser, pursuant to 19 Tex. Admin. Code Section 150.1005(c).)

Based on the following responses, please reconsider the rating of (Below Expectations and/or Unsatisfactory) for the following criteria:

1.  Domain (insert #), Criterion (insert #): (insert Criterion Title)
     Documentation for denying credit states:
          (insert appraiser's comments)

I disagree because (insert explanation of why you disagree with the appraiser's comments, i.e. what you did to fulfill the above objective. Keep your responses brief and to the point. It is usually best to respond only to those criteria for which you received a below expectations or unsatisfactory rating. Note: If your appraiser only listed comments under each domain, not separated out by each criterion, you may list the documentation under the Domain title. Then, you may list your responses under each specific criterion(s).) Please award a proficient rating for this criterion.

2.  Domain I, Criterion 1: Students are actively engaged in learning.
     Documentation for denying credit states:
          Students appear to be disinterested.  Teacher only read to students and did not request students to participate in the lesson.

I disagree because the students were actively engaged in the lesson.  Many students were raising their hands and answering questions throughout the lesson.  Please award a proficient rating for this criterion.)

Thank you for your consideration of my response.


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