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Eligible ATPE members may contact ATPE legal staff with employment-related legal questions or inquiries.

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Introduction to ATPE's Protection

Protecting your career is just as important as protecting any other life investment. That’s why ATPE provides eligible members a superior protection package that includes Professional Liability and Employment Rights Defense insurance*. In addition to the insured protection program, ATPE maintains a team of dedicated staff attorneys** who may assist eligible members with professional concerns ranging from answers to specific questions about how education law relates to their job to more complex job-related advice.

This section will give you a host of pertinent details about ATPE’s protection benefits and information on topics such as certification, appraisals, student discipline and many more important areas of the law related to your job.


SPOTLIGHT ON protection

The ATPE Reduction in Force(RIF) Center provides answers to commonly asked RIF-related questions as well as resources to educators with post-RIF-concerns.

Understanding additional vs. supplemental contractual duties
Can educators be required to perform a duty they do not want or be forced to give up a duty they do want? The answer lies in the interplay between the educator’s contract and the duty itself.

Members win appeal in RIF case
ATPE members are on the winning side in one of the first decisions handed down after the spring 2011 RIFs. "It was critically important to establish that districts would not be permitted to ignore logic, law and fundamental fairness in the process," their attorney said.

ATPE's Employment Rights Defense Program
Learn the difference between ATPE’s insurance policy and other organizations’ defense funds.

*THE EDUCATORS PROFESSIONAL LIABILITY INSURANCE POLICY IS UNDERWRITTEN BY NATIONAL UNION FIRE INSURANCE CO. OF PITTSBURGH, PA. ALL COVERAGE IS SUBJECT TO THE EXPRESS TERMS OF THE MASTER INSURANCE POLICY ISSUED TO ATPE AND KEPT ON FILE AT THE ATPE STATE OFFICE. Coverage applies to an insured’s activities within his/her professional capacity and does not apply to activities that predate the coverage period. View a detailed summary. Eligibility for ATPE membership benefits is contingent upon ATPE’s receipt of the entire annual membership dues amount for your appropriate membership category. A disruption in payments to an authorized payment plan may result in discontinuation of such benefits, including cancellation of insurance coverage for the entire membership year retroactive to Aug. 1 or your membership date. ATPE reserves the right to determine eligibility for the appropriate membership category. The membership year runs from Aug. 1–July 31.

**The insured member services and staff attorneys’ assistance are offered through separate programs.