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Join the Legislative Alert Network

Want to take a stand for your profession?
Join the ATPE Legislative Alert Network (LAN).

What is the LAN?
The LAN is a free e-mail service that helps you communicate directly with your legislators on the issues that matter to you.

Why should I join the LAN?
As an educator, you probably know that the Legislature controls almost every major aspect of your profession, including contract rights, the minimum salary schedule, certification standards and retirement issues. It’s critical that legislators hear from you when making decisions that could impact your livelihood.

How does the LAN work?
It’s simple. ATPE will e-mail you the information you need to be an effective advocate for your profession. There are two types of LAN e-mail notices: issues updates and action alerts. Updates keep you informed about the latest news from Austin and Washington, D.C. Action alerts let you know when and how to contact your elected officials to influence important votes and decisions. See the box on the right for recent messages.

How do I sign up for the LAN?
You can sign up online or call ATPE Governmental Relations at (800) 777-ATPE and request to be added to the LAN. Note: If you sign up for the LAN, your name and contact information may be provided to candidates and officeholders so they can communicate with you directly.

What if I don’t have an Internet e-mail account?
Ask other local unit leaders to pass the LAN information along to you or call ATPE’s hotline at (800) 777-ATPE. You can access the hotline directly during the weekends. During business hours ask the receptionist to connect you. (We also publish hotline messages on our website.)

  Join the LAN, advocate for ATPE priorities
and help ensure a bright future for all
public school educators and students!

Ask your colleagues to sign up for the ATPE Legislative Alert Network