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What is ATPE-PAC?
ATPE-PAC is ATPE’s Political Action Committee fund, a political action committee (PAC) that accepts voluntary donations from ATPE members and makes financial contributions on a non-partisan basis to officeholders/candidates who support public education and ATPE’s philosophies. Participation in ATPE-PAC is voluntary. Members can donate any amount or nothing at all without affecting their membership status, rights or benefits.

Why should I donate to ATPE-PAC?
Your PAC helps support your profession, your association’s principles and public education as an institution. ATPE advocates a comprehensive legislative program that includes enhanced benefits for educators and students, but we need the support of legislators to accomplish our priorities.  ATPE-PAC is our vehicle for doing that, but we face a challenge. Without a substantial financial base, officeholders who support public education and ATPE's professional non-union philosophy are unable to compete with candidates backed by the labor unions or private special interests. That's why your financial donation is critical.  It helps ATPE gain the high profile and strength needed to compete in the political arena.

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How does ATPE-PAC determine the distribution of funds?
Contributions to officeholders/candidates are based on one or more of the following: input from ATPE local unit and region presidents; surveys and voting records; officeholder/candidate support of public education and ATPE’s professional non-union philosophy; and the opportunity for increased recognition of ATPE.

Does ATPE endorse officeholders/candidates?
No. ATPE notifies ATPE-PAC recipients that contributions do not constitute a public endorsement by ATPE. ATPE believes each member should support the officeholder/candidate of his choice. 

Do PAC contributions to officeholders/candidates buy votes?
Definitely not, but they do buy access, which is just as important. PACs support officeholders/candidates who share the contributing organization’s philosophies and values. In turn, officeholders/candidates give the organization a chance to present its issues to them. Ultimately, however, officeholders will vote according to what is in the best interest of their constituents.

Why does ATPE need to raise money for ATPE-PAC if the membership application states that 12 percent of membership dues dollars is used for lobbying?
State and federal law prohibits ATPE from donating dues dollars to candidates or officeholders. This amount is spent on the operational expenses of advocating for ATPE’s philosophy and policies (e.g. mailings, travel and salaries). Your dues dollars are not given to candidates or officeholders, and that is why your donations to ATPE-PAC are so important.

How can ATPE members donate to ATPE-PAC?
Members can donate any time via cash, check or credit card. Other donation opportunities are available on ATPE’s membership applications, various publications, and at state events such as Leader U and the annual state convention. ATPE encourages local leaders to collect donations at local unit and region meetings or organize fund-raisers. 

Does ATPE have to know who donates every dollar?
Yes, per Texas Ethics Commission campaign finance laws.

Are donations tax deductible?
No, per federal income tax rules. 

How does ATPE-PAC honor contributors?
Donors are honored through various awards, in ATPE publications and at ATPE events.

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