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One of the 10 official ATPE tenets, as adopted by the ATPE Board of Directors, is member-owned, member-governed. Members are the lifeblood of this association. They keep ATPE strong through their volunteer service at the state, region and local unit levels and by participating in the annual meeting of the ATPE House of Delegates. Educators are encouraged to take their ATPE memberships to the next level by pursuing volunteer/leadership opportunities through ATPE.

ATPE State Committees

Members may volunteer to serve on nine standing committees that make recommendations to the ATPE Board of Directors and ATPE House of Delegates, as well as volunteer to serve on five special committees that primarily select award recipients.

ATPE Regions

ATPE’s 20 regions correspond to the boundaries of the 20 Texas Education Agency regions. Each ATPE member is a member of the region in which he or she is employed. Every ATPE region has an elected officer corps that:

  • Supports the local units within the region.
  • Assists in the establishment of new local units.
  • Relays information between the state office and the local units.
  • Promotes the ATPE Summit among local units.

Visit your region’s Web page to learn more about ATPE activities in your area, contact your region president and more.

ATPE Region 1
ATPE Region 2
ATPE Region 3
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ATPE Local Units

ATPE has almost 500 active local units statewide, accounting for the majority of ATPE’s membership. ATPE’s local units expedite membership recruitment campaigns and provide ATPE members with:

  • A professional presence at the school district level.
  • A setting for interaction with colleagues.
  • A liaison to the state office.
  • An opportunity to attend ATPE’s annual Summit as voting delegates.

If you are an ATPE member interested in volunteering for your local unit, email your local president and let them know. If you are considering a more involved role, such as an elected officer or a campus representative, see ATPE Local Unit Volunteer Roles for more information.

Several of our local units have created their own websites:

Austin ATPE
Dallas ATPE
Denton ATPE
Irving ATPE
Killeen ATPE
Mesquite ATPE
Tyler ATPE

*These websites are not updated or monitored by the ATPE state office, so please be aware that some information might be incorrect or outdated.

Contact Your Local Unit Representative
To contact the local unit in your district or a district you will be moving to, select the district from the drop-down list below. You may then email the ATPE local unit president.

Choose an ISD from the drop-down list:

You may also use the drop-down list above to determine if there is an active ATPE local unit in your district.

ATPE Volunteer Recognition

Volunteers are recognized at ATPE events and in ATPE News, the association’s quarterly magazine, which is mailed to all members. In addition, ATPE publishes Stars Around Texas, a biannual volunteer recognition publication. Stars Around Texas is mailed to ATPE’s 5,000-plus volunteer leaders and made available to all members online. Read each issue to learn about the dedicated work of your fellow educators and to understand the many benefits of ATPE leadership.